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sica. 19. i like girls and anime.


k/jpop. after school, shinee, morning musume, perfume, kpp, girl's day, boa, namie amuro, ai otsuka, akb48, berryz kobo, snsd, f(x), ariana grande, babymetal, bob girls,, femm, crayon pop, faky, j-min, kalafina, jolin tsai, kiss&cry, mamamoo, lana del rey, lim kim, marina&the diamonds, neon jungle, one ok rock , passepied, the pretty reckless, rania, wink, stellar, spica, sunmi, wonder girls, sunny hill, t-ara, tomomi itano, tvxq, wings, younha, 9muses, red velvet


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about me

i'm from the us and am currently wishing i don't work at mcdonald's. i don't really have much of a life, but i don't have a choice since no license. everyone thinks i'm 16 cause my face makes me look young. i'm actually almost 20 lol. i like video games and anime. my fave anime is nge and idk what my fave game is tbh.



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Songs of 2014; a mix of songs from 2014 that i really liked. 

01. Shangri-la - パスピエ. 02.ミイラキラー - TEMPURA KIDS vs 03. Catallena - ORANGE CARAMEL. 04. アフレル - 印象派. 05. White Noise - FEMM. 06. I LIKE DAT - color-code. 07. Girls Do - 板野友美. 08. Ballerina - 安室奈美恵. 09. Dracula - f(x). 10. サイダー - 赤い公園. 11. 嘘つきなアネラ - Especia. 12. Yes No Yes - After School. 13. Sesese (Acoustic Ver.) - Chaness. 14. Unbreakable - FEMM. 15. close to me - BoA. 16. Waiting Game - Neon Jungle. 17. Flipside - Lana Del Rey. 18. Mighty Long Fall - ONE OK ROCK. 19. House on a Hill - The Pretty Reckless. 20. Truth - HA:TFELT. 21. Numbers - FKA twigs. 22. Guilty - STELLAR. 23. Fxxk U - Ga-in. 24. Experience - TAEMIN. 25. Bazaar - 张靓颖. 26. 恋のスナイパー007 - バニラビーンズ. 27. CHU-LIP-蜂蜜酒- - 大塚愛. 28. Just a Little Bit of Your Heart - Ariana Grande. 29. Back Seat - JYJ. 30. Fallin’ Out - 當山みれい. 31. Send to rich man - ShitPhone. 32. Can You Hear Me - Lucky J. 33. Steppin’ - TVXQ. 34. 히히하헤호 - MAMAMOO. 35. 야시시 - NS Yoon-G. 36. 휘파람 - GIRL’S DAY. 37. 도미노 게임 - KISS&CRY. 38. Shout it Out - BoA. 39. ORGR - T-ARA.

Red Velvet + color meanings

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Pledis 101: Pledis Blondes ♥

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sojin’s ‘darling’ outfits

our darling irene

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빙글 빙글

GET TO KNOW ME MEME: (1/4) favorite girl groups: girl’s day

"I always wondered whether we would have been known to more people if we didn’t get caught up in a controversy for our vocals. We’re so very thankful our fans gave us the nickname ‘reversal idols’, though." -Sojin

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